The King and All His Horses

Project details

  • Date

     March 13, 2018

  • Task

     Combine 57 audio tracks into a mix and correct timing issues introduced by overdubbing.

  • Category

     Audio Production, Mixing

This was mixed in Cubase to take advantage of the time warping functions. I focused on the snare hits and matched the tempo track to it at first. Just about every attack had a warp marker added! This made locking the rest of the music much more straight forward. This afforded half-note performance checks which were sure to capture the timing issues in the right sections. A lot of tweaking was required to get this to work. That said, the hit-point detection and quantize grid made this effort possible in a reasonable amount of time. Each component of the drums had a complementary VST instrument sample follow it within Steinberg's Groove Agent 4. That gives a lot of flexibility to match drum samples to the performance. For example, the tuning, attack, sustain, and body can be matched for a fuller sound. What was also nice about this approach was the ability to extract MIDI notes from the previously locked performance. That function also allows for MIDI note velocities to vary based on the transient amplitude.

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