Wwise, UE4, Unity, Nuendo, Dorico, Pro Tools, Sibelius, Media Composer, Dream Weaver, Photoshop, Premier, Illustrator

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I'm an audio designer, programmer, and composer who comes from both a technical and creative field. I keep at it until I'm happy with the product or it does what it needs to do!

As an Audio Engineer at Funcom I've been

Programming audio systems in C++ that realize design concepts, interface with the Wwise SDK, intuitively integrate into UE4 blueprints, and dynamically interact with gameplay events. I diligently maintain UE4 and Wwise assets by structuring data-tables and centralizing them in C++ maps when possible. Some of the systems I'm responsible for designing and maintaining include:

  • The music manager staying informed of and relaying game state changes, character proximity, and gameplay intensity (unique to the music system) to the Wwise API for a rich, dynamic music playback experience.
  • An Entity-Component-System (ECS) that dynamically spawns and destroys components based on the listener’s distance. This optimizes performance by calculating obstruction and occlusion only on un-attenuated sounds.
  • The voice-over system enables and prioritizes gameplay voice-over and story banter. Banter dialogue is monitored for intelligibility by interpreting the emitter–listener’s distance, obstruction, and occlusion and switches to a radio mode when design criterion is met.
  • Record (SFX & VO), design, compose (MX), and implement audio assets using DSP, Nuendo, RX6, UE4 and Wwise.

  • Create and manage UE4 and Wwise audio assets including the hierarchy, events, sound banks, states, switches, triggers, attenuations, conversion sets, mixing, and ducking.
  • Composed music and stingers for different game modes and their sub-states. Designed their transition behavior in Wwise.
  • Created UE4 blueprints to post audio events that optimized RPC calls (server, client & multicast).
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