Wwise, UE4, Unity, Nuendo, Dorico, Pro Tools, Sibelius, Media Composer, Dream Weaver, Photoshop, Premier, Illustrator

Creative Software Applications


I'm an audio designer, programmer, and composer who comes from both a technical and creative field. I keep at it until I'm happy with the product or it does what it needs to do!

As an Audio Engineer at Funcom I've been

  • Programming (C++) UE4 to be 'Wwise like' in asset handling, music playback, and gameplay feedback.
  • Maximizing UE4 audio functions and create Blueprint and Sound Cue exposed classes when suitable.
  • Implementing audio systems that realize game-design concepts while also respecting memory.
  • Recording (SFX & VO), designing, and composing audio assets using DSP, Nuendo, RX6, and Halion.
  • Structuring, consolidating, and centralizing assets into data-tables & maps to simplify property access.
  • Photos